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Confidence |
Cell Elixer Limitless

Inspired to get the most out of yourself. A complete, powerful and highly dosed formula with more than 20 ingredients, including 9 grams of fish collagen, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and building nutrients.
Experience the synergy.

CONFIDENCE (Cell Elixer Limitless)

Work for a most beautiful and firm skin, but also your overall well-being and vitality

760 grams for 40 days of use.

CHF 210.-

Do you see loss of volume or emerging wrinkles on the face, on your arms, legs, etc.? This is due to the fact that from the age of 30 (in serious numbers) our body naturally produces less substances to take care of itself. This causes our body to perform less and less and so as we age, also our natural collagen production decreases (a substance that is responsible for firmness/volume in your skin). That is why you want to start supplementing collagen from the age of 30.


With Cell Elixer Limitless you not only build skin volume and the firmness of your skin, but also your general well-being.

Cell Elixer Limitless contains hyaluronic acid. That is widely praised in beauty land for its volume and hydration. But it doesn't stop here. It also contains antioxidants, to work on the protection of the collagen that you build up. And vitamins and minerals, important for the process to take place in the skin and to support your body to remain vital.

Cell Elixer Limitless is similar to Cell Elixer but contains much higher doses.

Why? If you are 50+, your natural production of substances to take care of your body and skin at this age is considerably less than when you were 30 or 40. It keeps getting faster, so you can use the higher doses from Cell Elixer Limitless to really support your vitality in addition to the skin

So who is it for?

Are you 30+? Feel free to choose Cell Elixer Limitless, but the regular Cell Elixer will also suffice. With Cell Elixer Limitless you simply do even better.

Are you 50+? Then you can use the higher doses from Cell Elixer Limitless to age nicely. Some extra support for your general well-being is welcome. Nice to know that it also works for your bones and joints. And if you hope for it, wrinkles you already have will not just disappear, but you will see that the volume in your face, arms etc. will increase and you will regain the shine that you have been missing for a while. ⁠

Also, we do not think that you are not beautiful with wrinkles, personally we think aging is something wonderful. A beautiful natural process. And those wrinkles? They are just part of that. We just prefer to do it a bit slower and we want to stay vital.

By the way, have patience with collagen, it needs time in order to reach the benefits. Our experience is at least 3 to 6 months. Especially in the case of wrinkle reduction. In the meantime, you can probably already see the effect of the Hyaluron in the mirror.

Would you like to taste it first? Then visit us and get good advice right away! 

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