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Cell Builder Vegan

100% vegan protein collagen builder.
Building the skin through substances that stimulate collagen, protecting the skin with fruits and greens and keeping the skin calm through Chlorella and Spirulina. We are very happy to be able to offer you a vegan solution. It also contains vegetable proteins, so that you still get enough protein, for example if you eat little or no meat.
It is important to let your body function properly to work on your best skin.


INDEPENDENT (Cell Builder Vegan)

Protein is an important part of a well-balanced diet. With these vegetable proteins, natural antioxidants from fruits and greens, spirulina and vegan collagen boosters you can supplement your base.

Content: 720 grams for 30 recommended dosage.

CHF 85.-

As a vegan you can also contact us with our 100% vegan protein collagen builder (also gluten-free).

It contains skin-specific substances such as Proline, Lysine and Glysine that contribute to collagen production and the fruits & greens it contains are super antioxidants, which have the function of protecting our skin and our cells. So that we don't lose what we build.

To keep the skin calm, substances such as Chlorella and Spirulina have been added. Just like MSM, which has many more powerful effects. Also for your body. 

Finally, it basically contains vegetable proteins (pea and rice), sources with a high amino acid profile, so that you still get enough protein if you eat little or no meat. It is very important for your body to function properly to also work on your most beautiful skin.

Proteins are made up of various building blocks (amino acids) that are broken down when you take them and your body then reassembles them in a different order, so that together they are perfect for performing essential tasks:

  • They form a strong framework for our muscles, skin, joints, cartilage, tendons, veins, etc.

  • As building material to make new cells (including for the skin)

  • It plays an important process in the digestion of the food we consume (we have to produce proteins that we call digestive enzymes)

  • As an antibody to recognize bacteria and viruses

  • Certain proteins that guarantee the functioning of our body are called hormones

  • As an energy source for our body

  • All thousands of construction, decomposition, conversion processes that take place simultaneously in our body, also require proteins (also called enzymes)


If your body experiences shortages, it does not leave any substances for your skin that are important to keep it healthy and firm.

How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day?
This depends on your age, health, weight and physical exertion, among other things.

You can calculate your need by doing your body weight x… grams;

  •  x 0.8 grams for non-athletes

  • x 1.2 grams for vegetarians

  • x 1.4 grams for endurance athletes

  • x 1.8 grams for strength athletes

  • x 1.6 grams for vegans

For whom?

If your basic (nutrition) is not yet in order, this is your ideal solution!
Cell Builder is also perfect for intensive athletes who wants to work on their most beautiful skin, it makes a nice contribution during the stricter diets, and it is also for the elderly who want to get the maximum for their health (even if you are not among the elderly).

Not to forget: Cell Builder is of course for vegetarians and vegans who want to work on their most beautiful skin and strongest body.

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